Price Industries Unveils New Mechanical Products Division
Price Mechanical  Unit

Vincent Maccarrone In response to the growing demand to introduce higher percentages of outside air and to help meet the new energy codes, LEED or CHIPs initiatives, Price met the challenge by launching a leading edge mechanical division for the US market.

Price has been building semi-custom gas fired make-up air, packaged DX, highly configurable energy recovery and DOAS units for the past five years primarily for the Canadien market.

What differentiates Price’s mechanical products from the competition is their ability to offer complete building solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Price’s custom capability allows the integration of specialized components with infinitely flexible layouts to serve markets such as K -12 schools, institutional office buildings, high-rise residential, and warehousing /manufacturing. Price is a leader in:

  • Custom Gas Fired MUA Units with high efficiency burners that perform at 90% efficiency which can reduce energy operating costs by 11% and decrease CO2 emissions
  • Air and water cooled integral DX rooftop units
  • Energy Recovery units including DOAS up to 50,000 CFM
  • Highly configured air handling units

You can learn more about Price’s custom mechanical offering:

Word Document Mechanical Rooftop Custom Capabilities
Price Industries - Mechanical Products Website

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Buckley Announces Exclusive Representation of Sternvent Dust Collection Products in New England

Sternvent Installation
Dust collection is a specialty exhaust system that requires much attention to the International Mechanical Code and NFPA 664. Duct velocity is 4,000 FPM in order to suspend the particulate in air. Ducts should be configured to encourage flow and not allow wood chips to accumulate. Separation of 20 feet is required between the spark detection and sprinkler head – this may call for some creative ducting. The exhaust system connects to most power tools. Air flows are specific as to ensure proper exhaust without wasting make up air. Drill presses and lathes are difficult to gather wood chips from and they are not included. Floor sweeps utilize blast gates and that CFM number is omitted from the total airflow summary.

Buckley Can Help with Design Assistance and Layout: If you provide us the power tool layout, we will assemble all of components necessary. That includes the collection hood, ducts, fan, collector and storage container. Additional hardware needed might be spark detection, fire suppression, abort gate, automatic on/off controller and duct silencer.

Pictured Above is Ellis Technical High School in Danielson, CT. There are two (2) 10,000 CFM systems servicing a wood shop.

Link Sternvent Website

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Buckley Wins Top Greenheck Award
Vin Mac-Bob II
Buckley Associates was recently awarded the Bernie & Bob Greenheck Cornerstone Award. The award is presented bi-annually to the rep firm that exemplifies the best attributes of a top performing representative.
Product UPDATE

Bigger is Better
Greenheck has recently released the LARGEST, NON-ACTUATED, DYNAMIC fire dampers ever that are UL listed. Three models are availbale in sizes up to 128" x 100" to protect oversized openings in buildings.

Model DFD-210: 1.5 hour rated, 3V Blade (Max Size: 128x100)

Model DFDAF-310: 1.5 hour rated, Fabricated Airfoil Blade (Max Size: 128x96)

Model DFDAF-330: 3 hour rated, Fabricated Airfoil Blade (Max Size: 120x96)

These selections are now available within CAPS.

Software Downloads
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Price All In One Selection Software for Engineers
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Price Room Designer for Displacement Products
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eCAPS Fan Application Suite
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Greenheck CAPS Selection Software

Includes fans, louvers, dampers, laboratory exhaust systems, energy recovery, make-up air, kitchen exhaust...
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