Greenheck Introduces Motor Starters to its Product Portfolio

Mike LeydonMike Leydon | (781) 681-3265

Protecting a fan’s motor is one of the surest ways to prolong a fan’s life. That’s why Greenheck introduced the SmartStart Motor starter with the latest release of its CAPS software selection program.

The motor starter you specify is critical to ensuring maximum protection for today’s high efficiency fan motors. It can also be used to interface with the building management system (BMS) with with pre-engineered input and output capabilities specifically designed for fan operation.

StarterAs with most starters, Greenheck’s motor starter provides basic overload protection based on the maximum FLA (full load amps) setting, phase unbalance, and cycle fault (when the starter is activated at a rate exceeding 1200 starts/hr). But then we go beyond:

  • Rapid Locked Rotor Detection:
  • Maximum Time to Start
  • Out of Calibration
  • Stall Prevention

Buckley has SAS (Simple Automation Starter) and BAS (Building Automation Starter) starters in stock in all our warehouses.

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Fraunhofer Boston Showcases Price Industries Sustainable Technologies

Steve NemecSteve Nemec | (781) 681-3211

Energy efficiency, design innovation, and historic urban architecture – Fraunhofer’s Building Technology Showcase (BTS) represents the bright future of sustainable design; a future that Price Industries and Buckley Associates is deeply committed to being a part of.

The BTS is also home to the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE). The BTS is Fraunhofer’s headquarters in Boston’s fast-growing Innovation District, a deep energy retrofit of a 100-year-old building that serves as a “living laboratory” for R&D of advanced sustainable energy technologies.

Prior to beginning the retrofit, Bard, Rao, and Athanas Consulting Engineers (BR+A) and Fraunhofer reached out to Price Industries and Buckley Associates in an effort to provide the latest in sustainable product technology. Price was chosen as the primary manufacturer because their newly designed sustainable products have the ability to substantially reduce whole-buiilding energy consumption.

Price and Buckley jumped at the chance to participate in this sophisticated living lab, which would allow us to test our products in a variety of new and interesting applications. Some of these products include:

  • Chillded SailsWindow Convective Units
  • Chilled Sails
  • Displacement Ventilation: Conventional, Overhead, and Industrial
  • Active Chilled Beams with Wings and Integrated Slot Diffusers
  • Fan Coil and Blower Coils
  • Critical Environment Air Distribution
  • Natural Ventilation Products
  • Terminal Equipment

The Boston Chapter of ASHRAE recently hosted a tour a tour of the facility which was well attended and recived excellent feedback.

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Link Fraunhofer CSE Website

Greenheck Continues to Innovate in Lab Exhaust Market with new Vektor MH

Bob SiroisBob Sirois | (781) 681-3276

Greenheck has become a serious innovator in the laboratory exhaust market beginning in 2004 with the introduction of the Vektor-MD laboratory exhaust system. I’m excited to announce this tradition of innovation and forward thinking continues with the introduction of the Vektor-MH and optional variable geometery SAVVE nozzle. .

The Vektor MH offers the same advantages as the Vektor-MD fan, without the higher first cost, higher HP and higher sound penalty from an entrainment nozzle and wind band. By applying an engineered conical discharge to maximize plume height, we can reduce HP, reduce sound, significantly reduce first cost and have the ability to apply the SureAire Variable Volume Exhaust (SAVVE) system.

Vektor MHConsider the possibility of reducing your HP requirements on a large job, or the possibility of reducing these requirements by 50% during off peak hours while still maintaining a minimum 3,000 fpm discharge velocity. In the past any operating cost savings on a VAV lab were limited to the make-up air side of the design. Lab exhaust fans would run at a constant volume, with additional ambient air being added to the reduced lab exhaust air via the bypass damper.

Greenheck understands that not all lab exhaust systems really require dilution air and that it’s primarily goal is 3,000 fpm at the discharge and some minimum acceptable plume height. The SAVVE nozzle applied to either the Vektor-H or the new Vektor-MH fans maintains a minimum 3,000 fpm at the discharge, while allowing the fan to turn down to track the lab requirements, resulting in HP and sound reductions at off peak hours.

Your clients will appreciate the money saved and the side benefit of reduced noise at night, when a lot of the neighbors might find these systems objectionable. Paybacks are extremely quick and may qualify for energy rebate programs through local utility.

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Seminar on IEQ
Dave Dougan
Buckley and Ebtron hosted a series of technical seminars in Boston in late September featuring David Dougan, President of Ebtron. Topics discussed included Demand Control Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality. Over 100 engineers, contractors, energy managers, and facility managers attended Dave's presentations.

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October 2013: Buckley recently hosted 30 engineers to the Greenheck factory in Schofield, WI for their HVAC University, a state of the art engineering seminar providing an in-depth view into current HVAC technologies, design software and Greenheck production capabilities.
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