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June 2011

Buckdate: news and updates for specifying engineers

Vincent MaccarroneTo Specifying Engineers:

It’s been several years since Price introduced Displacement Ventilation products. In the past, the sizing, selection and placement process has been a manual and tedious process that was based on many assumptions.

This past month, Price introduced the Displacement Ventilation Room Designer, which allows for the selection and placement of displacement products within a space. Based on the outlet location you can instantly measure and visualize the comfort of a given space. The software takes user inputs of room and load definitions to calculate airflow requirements. The user is then able to satisfy the design requirements by selecting appropriately sized and number of outlets.

Other features include:

  • Displacement Room DesignerCalculates comfort using ASHRAE formula based on local air temperature and local air velocity.
  • Load calculations can be done according to ASHRAE standards (An extension of the DV Calc Tool)
  • Visual representation of ASHRAE 2004/2010 occupant comfort calculations
  • Reporting includes comparisons to mixing ventilation systems

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In this month's Buckdate, our team of product specialists have prepared articles with relevant technical data and product application information. 


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ASHRAE 170, AIA/FGI 2010 Approve Sustainable Design Technologies in Healthcare Applications
Displacement Ventilation Approved for use in Patient Rooms

Steve Nemec

ASHRAE LogoThe latest edition of the AIA/FGI guidelines 2010 now include the ASHRAE 170 standard as the reference for all HVAC related items.

Additionally in March 2011, ASHRAE published Addendum G to ASHRAE 170, allowing for the use of low sidewall displacement ventilation in single bed patient rooms. This addendum clarifies that the minimum air change rate applies to the occupied zone ONLY, effectively reducing minimum total air change rate from 6 to 4 ACH.

Look for Addendum H to ASHRAE 170 to be approved later this month. This will pave the way for non-filtered patient room air induced through active chilled beams. This will also count towards reducing the minimum ACH. This will apply to most non-critical spaces.

Patient Room Displacement Price has been the industry leader in healthcare displacement ventilation testing and acceptance for the last four years.
We can provide design and engineering assistance as well as special products for challenging applications. Witness testing and mock ups are available when required for the most stringent applications.

Word Document Price Puraflo Displacement Diffuser (above photo)
Word Document ASHRAE Standard 170-2008 Addendum G
Word Document FGI Guidelines, 2010 Edition

Greenheck Unveils High Percentage Outdoor Air Unit and Modular Packaged MUA Unit

Bob Sirois

RVE 100% Outdoor UnitModel RV
Greenheck recently introduced the Model RV, a high percentage outdoor air unit with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 9,500 CFM capable of handling cooling loads of up to 30 tons.

Cooling Options: Packaged DX, Chilled Water or Split DX.

Heating Options:
Indirect Gas, Hot Water or Electric Heat.

Later this fall, the RV will be upgraded to include an optional enthalpy wheel and powered exhaust.

Word Document Greenheck Model RV Brochure

Modular Make Up Air
Greenheck also introduced a MUA unit with an integral packaged-DX cooling option. This is available as an option on the model DGX, IGX and MSX. Availiable from 3 to 16 nominal cooling tons and with optional VAV control helps provide comfortable supply air conditions to a commercial kitchen space.

Both the Modular MUA unit and the High Percentage Outdoor Air unit are selectable in the current version of the Greenheck CAPS software.

Word Document Greenheck Modular Make-Up Air Unit with Integral Packaged DX Cooling Brochure

Combining Custom Terminal Equipment with Air Flow Measurement and Noise Control

Mike Leydon

When design conditions require large amounts of air movement and you requre the abaility to accurately control (low turndown) the volume of air flow, we have a packaged solution for you. Buckley has teamed up with Price Industries and Ebtron to provide you with a simple solution to this problem.

Exhaust BoxThe new custom supply and exhaust terminals provide you with a unique soltion to fit your ductwork. The assembly includes a high quality OBD from Price, combined with the accuracy of the Ebtron Gold Series air flow stations. This product is an excellent option for large lab spaces, garage exhaust tracking systems and high-rise stairwell pressurization applications where flow control is being utilized. Additional options include:

  • Inlet and Dischange Silencers
  • Factory-Mounted Controls
  • Custom Coils

Word Document Custom Supply and Exhaust Terminals

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