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Improve Indoor Air Quality, Reduce Energy Costs and Eliminate Odor and Stale Air with the American Aldes ZRT

Vincent Maccarrone The patented ZRT provides airflow when and where it is needed, in the exact amount that is needed, saving precious energy. The Model ZRT is a combination grille, register box, control damper, and airflow regulator(s). The CAR-II’s rotating aero-wing responds to static pressure changes, increasing or decreasing free area through the device to maintain the desired airflow. Unlike traditional dampers that require regular balancing, the CAR-II has no parts that need adjusting so it stays at the intended airflow.

ZRT Image and Application
When used in place of traditional bathroom exhaust fans or registers, the ZRT quickly and silently eliminates odors and stale air in occupied bathrooms. When the bathroom is not in use, the ZRT provides low-continuous flow for overall indoor air quality, or it shuts off completely. This targeted approach means that unoccupied rooms are not over-ventilated. No more all-or-nothing ventilation. Airflows stay at specified rates, all rooms are comfortable, yet the building’s energy costs are reduced significantly.

zrt Marriott International considers the ZRT so valuable that its 2012 Hotel Design Standards specify ZRTs for guest room supply air and bathroom exhaust ventilation in all new construction and renovations. As a further testament to its effectiveness, the ZRT received the 2013 AHR Innovation Award in Ventilation.

ZRTs are available in 4 different control schemes:

  • On-Off (no CAR-II)
  • On-Off with maximum boost flow (includes maximum flow CAR-II)
  • Low-continuous IAQ ventilation (includes minimum flow CAR-II)
  • Low-continuous IAQ ventilation with maximum boost flow (includes minimum and maximum flow CAR-II)

Word Document Product Specification and Technical Data
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Vincent Maccarrone

Vice President
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TSI Debuts New Line of Room PresSura Room Pressure Monitors & Controllers

PresSura New Product

Michael Leydon | (781) 681-3265

Mike LeydonTSI has performed a substantial upgrade to their room pressure monitor and controller. The newer models all feature a full-color touchscreen display and seamless integration into a variety of BAS systems.

TSI PresSura Healthcare Room Pressure products help provide safety in isolation rooms, operating rooms, and other specialized spaces, by continually measuring room pressure and indicating room conditions. The PresSura products assist hospitals and engineers to comply with relevant ASHRAE, AIA, CDC and USP standards. TSI’s unique thermal-based pressure sensor offers the most precise, accurate, and stable measurement. Over 50,000 hospital rooms in leading healthcare facilities rely on TSI products every day to provide effective 24/7 monitoring.

Here is a look at the three different product offerings:

Word Document Room Pressure Solutions for Healthcare Facilities
Word Document PresSura Monitors and Contoller Spec Sheet

The Fan World Is No Longer Round - Introducing the Octofan

Bob SiroisBob Sirois | (781) 681-3276

Greenheck has introduced the all new Model EQB, dubed the "Octofan" because of its unique octogonal shape. The EQB is a belt driven mixed flow inline fan. Mixed flow fans are hybrid designs that combine the best axial and centrifugal properties into one fan. The new model EQB offers better air performance than axial inline fans with lower sound levels than centrifugal inline fans and is priced to fill a gap in the current market offering of inline fans. Performance range is 1,500 to 25,000 CFM and up to 3.0” static pressure.

  • Lower Intial Cost than traditional mixed flow fans
  • Better Efficiency than centrifugal and axial fans
  • Low Sound Levels with minimum fan effiency grade (FEG) rating of 75

EQBOffered in 6 sizes The EQB is offered at a lower cost and provides lightweight corrosion resistance due to the aluminum wheel construction and unique octagonal galvanized housing. The field rotatable housing allows for universal mounting.

The EQB is now available in CAPS for product selection.

Word Document Model EQB Flyer
Word Document
Model EQB Catalog Data

Greenheck BISW and AFSW Centrifugal Sets Redesigned

Last year Greenheck began a major redesign of the BISW and AFSW built up centrifugal fans. These models have been a staple in the ventilation-side of the HVAC industry and in service for well over 20 years. Model CSW are available in your CAPS selection software including with dynamic Revit drawings. The old BISW and AFSW models in sizes 33 and larger have been discontinued.

New DesignNew features of the Model CSW will include:

  • Arrangement 10 Weatherhoods with hinged access doors and simplified adjustable motor plate
  • Improved submittal drawings with more complete and accurate weight , center of gravity, and isolation base details.
  • CSW Models will also be available in Class 0 construction to more economically match your project specific pressure needs (Class 0 is already selectable in CAPS on size 33 or larger).
  • Greenheck will also be introducing a new Utility Set in a redesign of the SWB. A Class II model is being developed for systems requiring up to 9 inches of static pressure.

Word Document Model CSW - Centrifigual Fans Series 21 & 41 Product Information

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