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July 2012

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Vincent MaccarroneTo Specifying Engineers:

In this month's Buckdate, our team of product specialists have prepared articles with relevant technical data and product application information. 

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Buckley Upgrades Insulated Flex to R-6 rating to comply with IBC, IMC, and IEC

Flexible Duct Type 3MBuckley has upgraded the exterior insulation thickness to a 2” R-6 insulation on our locally manufactured flexible duct. This includes the following models:

  • Type 3M and 3P
  • Type 4M and 4P
  • Triple Lock Buck Duct

This change was made to comply with latest additions of the IBC, IMC and IEC. The Massachustts Energy code and Massachusetts State Building Code refer to Article 13 (780 CMR) for compliance with the energy code which is essentially the International Energy Code with amendments and rewrites unique to Massachusetts.

Buckley realizes a grey area in the code that allows for the engineering design teams the flexibility to use ASHRAE guidelines in lieu of the IEC. This would allow for the use of 1.5” insulation on flexible duct if the entire design team (including the architects) decide to design the mechanical systems as well as the building envelope in accordance with ASHREAE recommendations.

Once a project is issued, it is very difficult to ascertain which set of codes the design team used. So, in understanding this issue we have made the change to our product, submittals and specifications on our end to make sure that our customers are given the highest performing product to eliminate possible issues with code officials.

Word Document Buckley Type 3P | Type 3M Flexible Duct
Word Document Buckley Type 4P | Type 4M Flexible Duct
Word Document Buckley Insulated Triple Lock Buck Duct

Greenheck's Robust Lab Exhaust Fans Take to New Heights

Vektor's Flying High
Project Profile: Harvard School of Medicine, Wyss Institute

Vektor on SkycraneNeedless to say, the Vektor fans had to arrive on site and on schedule! It's not everyday the Boston Fire Department allows the Harvard University to shut down access to the campus and secure surrounding streets to allow a helicopter rig.

Due to the robust construction of Greenheck structural steel base and fan assembly, the large Vektor CD fans with custom discharge attenuation and stacks were assembled on the ground and hoisted in one piece by helicopter.

This could not be done with our competitors fans because they are NOT self supporting.

Engineer: BR+A Consulting Engineers
General Contractor: Bond Brothers
Mechanical Contractor: Corporate Mechanical
Riggers: Glancy Riggers

Word Document Greenheck Vektor MD-CD Laboratory Exhaust Product Brochure

In this Issue...

Greenheck AIRTOUR
The Greenheck AIRTOUR is rolling into the Boston area July 30-August 2. This mobile learning center provides engineers and end users with 3-hour training session on topics such as Laboratory Exhaust, DOAS systems, Varigreen motors, and Sure-Aire. PDH credits are available.

Word Document Locations and Course Schedule
LinkOnline Registration
- classes are filling up fast. First come, First Serve.

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BlouinPrefab is Lean Success
Joe Cullen
President, C.P. Blouin

Pre-fabrication provides a better product in the end, says contractor Charles P. Blouin’s president Joe Cullen. “Everything is put together in a supervised environment, which means it’s not out on a job with wind and dust blowing.”

It’s a process that has eliminated wasted materials and time. “We take a sheet of metal at one end of our shop and walk out with a finished product,” says Blouin superintendent Bob Stokes.

“In the past, we brought little pieces out to the job site. They would get moved around, scattered, and sorted multiple times. We don’t have that now. We pick up the metal, take it to the shop, assemble it, send it to the job site, and deliver it to the room where it belongs,” Stokes adds. Often pre-fab pieces are installed the day they are delivered.

Before he could implement this process, Cullen had to convince general contractors that just-in-time delivery would work. “We stressed the benefits—no space required for storage or assembly; instead of having guys walking around looking for things, they were actually doing their jobs.”

His argument works, and Blouin is better equipped than ever to compete in the marketplace. “Now we take [the duct work] up to the floor and walk this 15-foot-long piece right into a room. The hangers are up for it, and we literally walk into a room, put it on a lift, and raise it right into place,” says Cullen.

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