Greenheck Introduces Fan Monitoring Systems for all Centrifigual Fans

Vincent Maccarrone Greenheck has designed the fan monitoring system (FMS) to allow facilities and maintenance managers the ability to stay connected with their critical ventilation equipment. The FMS sensors can be specified as a package, pre-programmed and factory mounted.

The FMS system has several sensor kits available that can monitor such things as: bearing vibration, current, RPM, bearing temperature, airstream temperature/pressure, and system pressures.

Many of these components have historically been installed after the fact at the owner's request by independent contractors such as ATC and other trades.

Price Mechanical  UnitPlease consider adding 2 notes to your project designs:

  1. Add fan monitoring systems to your specifications.
  2. Add fan monitoring systems (FMS) as a note to your fan schedule

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Buckley Announces Exclusive Representation of Car-Mon Custom Air Pollution Control Systems in New England

Fume extraction encompasses a broad range of contaminants. While Car-Mon is most often identified with Carbon Monoxide, we have extensive experience with other fume and fine particulate applications.

Along with our standard products, we regularly design and build source capture systems, providing engineered solutions for infrequently encountered extraction problems. Besides being a manufacturer of exhaust equipment, we are also an industry information resource. Car-Mon has been offering to share our experience and expertise with design professionals for many years.

One of the challenges design engineers often face with specialty exhaust applications is the wide range of components and options to choose from. Instead of spending time searching for standard product to fit unique or space sensitive fume applications, Car-Mon provides a free design service. This service will provide you with a complete system inclusive of detailed drawings and specifications, component submittals all while guaranteeing the system performance.

Our association with Car-Mon will ensure local support for follow up, coordination and pricing. Together we look forward to the opportunities to be of service.

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AQC (BlueDuct) Introduces Pre-Insulated Phenolic Duct Systems for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Q-Duct Outdoor Duct System
Recently SMACNA has incorporated construction standards for Phenolic Duct, making it an ideal product for commercial applications. These light weight pre-insulated duct systems save installation time, reduce space requirements, and increase air quality all while meeting the flame spread/smoke development requirements of UL181, UL723, and NFPA90A, and NFP90B.

AQC offers a pre-insulated duct system for both indoor and outdoor applications.

PAL DuctPAL Indoor Pre-Insulated Duct System is an alternative to a typical sheet metal duct with external insulation. The PAL duct is typically shipped in pre-cut sheets for the contractor to assemble and install in the field, thereby reducing installation costs.

Q-Duct Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System
is a cost-effective alternative to traditional ductwork that is then insulated and weatherproofed by multiple trades. The Q-Duct is a double layer phenolic duct wrapped with VentureClad – a superior protection barrier to the elements providing a minimum R12 thermal value.

The Q-Duct sections and fittings are shipped assembled from the factory and ready for field installation.

Both AQC duct systems include a complete CAD take off, submittal service and contractor assembly drawings. Additionally all the sealants and adjoining flange members required for a complete installation are provided. Duct supports are to be provided by the contractor.

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Greenheck Expands DOAS Offering with the RVE-120

Greenheck has introduced the RVE-120, is strategically positioned to provide an economical solution for larger dedicated outdoor air systems, multi-zone VAV systems, and single-zone VAV systems. Product features include:

  • 12,000 CFM of Outdoor/Supply Air
  • Up to 45 tons of cooling
  • Up to 800 Mbh furnace capacity
  • Optional Energy Wheel

Features specifically new to the Model RVE-120 include:

  • Foam Panel Construction: 120 housing are standard with two inch R13 foam panels that also feature thermally broken design. The new panel design has been tested to prevent condensation on the exterior of the unit during high humidity cooling days.

  • Low Sound Condenser Fans: Introducing a new swept blade condenser fan for lower sound levels. THe new condenser fan is an average of 5-10dB less than standard condensing fans. THis allows Greenheck to provide condenser fans that are twice as quiet as standard condenser fans.

  • High Turndown Furnaces: On 700 and 800 Mbh furnaces, 10:1 modulating turndown is now available for increased operating performance for all applications.

  • Dual Supply and Exhaust Fans: Allows for improved unit turndown as well as reduction in unit electrical loads.

  • Four Independent Cooling Circuits: With four compressors, excellent cooling turndown and control is available.

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Bob Sirois Announces Retirement
Bob Sirois
Bob Sirois who has worked for Buckley for the past eleven years as one of our Product Specialists has announced he plans on retiring at the end of May. Bob was instrumental in bringing many of our engineered products to market such as Greenheck Laboratory Exhaust and Energy Recovery. Please join me in wishing Bob all the best in his retirement.
Product Update

Greenheck Fire Ready Kitchen Hood for Non-Commerical Cooking Applications

Greenheck has recently released the a fire ready hood that can be used as fire protection when a residential style appliance is being used for non commercial purposes. Applications include assisted living facilities, day care centers, churches, office break rooms, fire stations and dormitories.

These selections are now available within CAPS.

Product Brochure

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Price All In One Selection Software for Engineers
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Price Room Designer for Displacement Products
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eCAPS Fan Application Suite
Designed for engineers. It includes online fan selection and a Toolbox. No software to install.

Greenheck CAPS Selection Software

Includes fans, louvers, dampers, laboratory exhaust systems, energy recovery, make-up air, kitchen exhaust...
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