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April 2012

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Vincent MaccarroneTo Specifying Engineers:

Buckley and the Boston chapter of ASHRAE are pleased to extend an invitation to you and your associates to participate at the 13th Biennial Product Show to be held at The Lantana in Randolph, MA on April 10, 2012.

This show has always been well attended in the past, not only by the general ASHRAE membership, but also by others who work in this field, including Facility Engineers, Hospital Engineers, Building Owners and Mechanical Contractors.

Red-Sox Yankees TixBuckley will be in attendance with our team product specialists and representatives from our vendors showcasing new products and technologies. We'll also be giving away two sets of Red Sox/Yankees tickets so stop by our booth and check out our latest product offering.

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In this month's Buckdate, our team of product specialists have prepared articles with relevant technical data and product application information. 


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Comparing Air Flow Measurement Technologies

Michael Leydon

With the ever increasing demand to measure and maintain our minimum outside air requirements (secure LEED points) along with the initiatives to reduce energy (meeting stretch energy code), air flow measurement now plays a more significant role in today's HVAC designs.

While there are many different ways to measure air flow in an HVAC system, the two most commonly utilized are electronically-based and pressure-based flow stations.

Ebtron ProbesWhile both technologies are utilized for the same function, proper product selection and placement is critical for today’s advanced building control systems.

It is critical to follow the manufacturer's installation and placement guidelines, as each one will have unique placement requirements indicating distances required from upstream and downstream disturbances. It is not unusual to incur up to 40% error in accuracy if the product is not placed/applied properly.

By incorporating Ebtron's top-of-the-line Gold Series transmitters into your designs, you are assured of the broadest range of sensor densities that permit the most flexible sensor probe placement in the industry.

Word Document Whitepaper: Airflow Measurement for HVAC Systems - Comparing Technologies
Word Document Ebtron Gold Series Family Brochure

Price Fan Coil Sets New Noise Control Standard at Children's Hospital

Bob Sirois

After several years dealing with high noise levels emanating from a fan coil unit located above his office, the head of Audiology at Children’s Hospital challenged his facilities team to fix the problem. The issue had become increasingly pronounced as consultations in the space became more frequent, and a dramatic improvement in performance and noise reduction was required.

James Bove, Director of Hospital Engineering for Children’s Hospital Boston at Waltham set an aggressive noise reduction goal, which was to achieve close to NC-30 for the space. The path to a solution would require close collaboration, product innovation and thorough performance testing. Lawrence Copley, an acoustical consultant with LC Copley Associates, represented the hospitals interests, engaging Buckley Associates and Price Industries and to deliver a solution.


Children's main campus already utilized Price's high-performance ECM fan coils and as such used this as the platform for the new design.

Price FCU

Price is in the unique situation, being a manufacturer of multiple products: noise control, fan coils, and air distribution/terminals. This allows the Price designers to draw upon its internal engineering resources to design and test this custom assembly which included:

  • tuned elbow silencers on the inlet
  • tuned elbow silencers on the outlet
  • integral supply diffuser and return grille
  • fit into existing 2'x8' (4 tile) ceiling grid

The resultant NC-30 level was amazing and the success described in the attached case study has lead to this unit being applied to a number of subsequent jobs at Children's Hospital and other jobs where noise was a primary concern.

Price continues to be a market leader in the application of tuned attenuation on terminal equipment and they are always up for a challenge when presented with a noise problem. Consider Price for your next sound sensitive job.

Word Document Thank You Letter from James Bove, Director of Hospital Engineering
Word Document CHB Case Study
Word Document Product Submittal

Ensure Acoustical Success with Price Lay-In Service

Steve Nemec

Price Industries takes the guess work out of when/where silencers are needed to meet the sound levels required on your project. One of the biggest concerns we face as designers is the potential for sound problems. While it is straightforward to calculate heat loads and ventilation requirements, sound continues to remain a real area of mystery for most of us.

In an effort to assist, Price is offering a free analysis service based on the most current AHRI and ASHRAE standards.

David Greenberg Video
Word Document Lay In Service Video

After a thorough review of your specific project layout, the Price Application Team provides guaranteed recommendations to ensure acoustical success. The Price team has decades of experience, more than anyone else in the industry. Price is also a manufacturer of air distribution devices including Grilles and Diffusers, VAV Terminals and Fan Coils giving them the unique ability to ensure optimal analysis.

Lay-InAs part of the Lay-In Service Price will provide:

  • Drawings
  • Complete written report recommending proper placement, silencer dynamic insertion loss, and lengths at minimized pressure drops
  • Guaranteed performance

The bonus is that you can provide your customer with a properly designed, not over designed system.

Clearly put if a silencer is not required it won’t be suggested. If a 36” silencer will provide adequate attenuation a 60” won’t be suggested. Not only will this minimize first cost but continue to save energy in the future.

We believe this no cost service is another reason why Price is the supplier of preference for Noise Control products.

Word Document Example Acoustic Predictive Analysis Report
Word Document
Price Acoustic Analysis & Lay-in Services Brochure

Word Document Price Noise Control Brochure

In this Issue...

"At the beginning of the project, Lawrence Copley, the acoustical consultant representing the hospital recognized how challenging this project would be: “Good luck – but if anyone can do it, Price can.”

Lawrence Copley
Acoustical Consultant
L.G. Copley Associates

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